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Cardinal celebrates St. Patrick’s Mass at cathedral

A member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians sits in the back of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross as Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley celebrates the St. Patrick’s Day Mass, March 17. Each year the Hibernians volunteer at the Mass, serving as ushers and helping distribute blessed shamrocks. Pilot photo/Gregory L. Tracy

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SOUTH END -- The Mass reminded them of the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day, and as they left, scores of Boston Catholics took home a pot of shamrocks to remind them of the significance of their beloved saint.

Catholics across the Archdiocese of Boston gathered at high noon March 17 at the mother church of their archdiocese, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, for a Mass celebrated by Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley to honor St. Patrick, the principal patron of the archdiocese.

“It’s a religious day,” said Paschal Healy, a parishioner at St. Mary Parish in Walpole. “We celebrate what St. Patrick did for Ireland, and being here in America.”

During his homily, Cardinal O’Malley reminded those in attendance of the significance of St. Patrick to the Irish people. He spoke of how Ireland’s patron saint was enslaved in Ireland, and that the experience helped him Christianize the Irish because he learned their customs.

“In Patrick’s life, the tragedy he experienced was the defining moment that led him to God,” Cardinal O’Malley said.

Cardinal O’Malley also discussed the lessons St. Patrick can teach modern Catholics.

“God’s mission can be achieved only by those who are prepared to make a gift of their lives to others,” Cardinal O’Malley said. “Our faith is a treasure not to be buried in the ground, but to be shared with others.”

“Following in Patrick’s footsteps is very difficult, but the world needs more Patricks,” he added.

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