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Some local and national issues

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It was a fine note on which to formally launch another baseball season. Ryan Braun, erstwhile star of the Brewers and once highly regarded impeccable fellow, wriggles out of drug trouble with MLB's PED Police, leaving everyone's nose out of joint.

There were no winners in this fiasco; not baseball's new and so-called fool-proof testing system, not the commissioner and his cronies in their much too clumsy and belated campaign to clean up their game, and certainly not the once sainted but now forever stained young Mr. Braun, hitherto considered one of the game's most accomplished and respected players and the sitting MVP of the National League.

The loopiest of loop-holes that got him off the hook -- a needless and inexplicable two-day delay in shipping his urine sample to the drug lab after he was tested during last fall's playoffs -- only further muddles baseball's supremely muddled drug program. It has been a random, arbitrary, and injudicious crapshoot from the get-go and this latest mess only serves to reaffirm all that.

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