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On the way to Final Four

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Here are several things for you to consider while waiting patiently for the Final 68 to finish their collective madness thus enabling the children to get back to the library.

And is it not fitting that the University of Kentucky should be this year's top seed for no team in any game better exemplifies the current sorrowful state of big-time college sport or the rampant deceit that underlies it.

But the real winner, as ever, will be the NCAA which will reap several hundred millions more to add to its multi-billion dollar endowment. This will allow that citadel of hypocrisy to go on persecuting teen-age kids for the mere violation of trivial and arcane eligibility criteria while also allowing the likes of John Calipari to turn his corrupt Kentucky program into a hoop hustler's pit stop on the fast lane to the NBA.

The past week, a national newspaper actually ran a weepy editorial pulling for Kentucky to win for "Coach Cal" who, for "all he's done in the game," has never won the NCAA's. I say for all Calipari has done for his game in particular and college sport in general he should be banished to the Island of St. Helena, legendarily suited to the accommodating of petty despots. The thing is a joke!


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