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The definition of service

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What does it mean to serve?

As I looked up the definition on the internet, I was partially disappointed because I did not find the answer I was looking for. "To serve" has a bigger meaning to me than the one I found. I have been attending Ursuline Academy, a small girl's school, since seventh grade. Ironically, my school's motto is "Serviam" or "I will Serve." So, maybe I should have answered this question a while back; but now, I am a senior, graduating in a few days, heading to Emmanuel College this coming fall. Now it is my goal to answer that question; on my own this time, not with some Google-produced definition.

For my senior service project, we were asked to choose something we love to do. I am volunteering at the Archdiocese of Boston's Pastoral Center in Braintree with the Catholic Media office. My faith is the most important thing in my life and every chance I get I always look for new ways to grow closer to God. This was my chance to give back to Christ, and what better way than to do that in a place built on the principle of God's love? I also wanted to find out how everything here works to turn the gears behind the Pastoral Center's walls. Of course, I cannot go into every detail of my experience, but lucky for me, I picked up some lessons in just my first week here.

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