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New rector begins work at St. John's

Msgr. James P. Moroney Pilot file photo

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BRIGHTON -- Settling in as rector at St. John's Seminary Msgr. James P. Moroney sees hope and potential on the horizon as he lays in a course to move his new ministry forward.

With almost 30 new seminarians entering in the fall, Msgr. Moroney is about to get a larger influx of new recruits to forward the mission of the Church than any seen at the seminary in 20 years.

"As rector of the seminary I have tried, in the whole five weeks that I have been rector, to do whatever I could to foster the mission of this extraordinary institution," he joked.

While some seminarians come from as far off as Vietnam and Saudi Arabia, many come from dioceses surrounding the Archdiocese of Boston. More local seminarians will come from Massachusetts dioceses in Worcester, Springfield and Fall River, and from out-of-state dioceses in Burlington, Vermont; Portland, Maine; Providence, Rhode Island and Hartford, Connecticut.

Msgr. Moroney had a special message for the men coming to the seminary in the fall.

"You new men are the hope of the Church throughout the world. We await your enthusiasm, your goodwill, your openness to formation, and your love of God's will in your life," he said.

The rector of St. John's Seminary also had a message for the lay people in Boston, as they support the vocations of the men, and for those studying in lay ministry programs alongside the potential future priests.

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