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Summary of Pastoral Planning Commission proposal

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Following is a summary of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Planning Commissions proposal "Disciples in Mission" prepared by the Archdiocese of Boston. The summary was released with a note stating, "each of the proposal's recommendation involves detailed sub-recommendations that aren't included below, so we encourage everyone to read the full proposal document."

The full report is available online at www.Planning2012.com/APPCproposal.

Part One: Recommendations for strengthening parishes for the work of the New Evangelization

1. That the 288 parishes of the Archdiocese of Boston be organized into approximately 135 Parish Collaboratives, these collaboratives consisting usually of two or three parishes, but sometimes only one, and, in rare occasion's four parishes.

2. That the formation of the parish collaboratives be phased in, with appropriate flexibility, over a period of five years.

3. That the parishes of each collaborative be assigned one single Pastor.

4. That the pastor form the staff members serving the parishes of the collaborative into a Pastoral Team.

5. That the multiple Parish Pastoral Councils of the parishes in a collaborative become one parish council to assist the one pastor in fostering pastoral activity and in guiding the mission of the Church in each parish and in the parish collaborative.

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