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Another 'cliff'

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While analysis continues regarding the impact on our economy of the New Year's Day bipartisan agreement that was reached in Washington to address the most pressing issues related to the "fiscal cliff," we know that just around the corner are more negotiations and decisions to be made about the debt ceiling and federal spending. The impact on employment, healthcare, scientific research and the military are frequently highlighted in these public conversations, but we must not overlook the implications these funding decisions would have on social services agencies.

For several years now, social services agencies and other nonprofit organizations have seen the demand for services increase tremendously as a result of the prolonged economic downturn and associated financial challenges facing families. This overall increase in demand for social services has coincided with diminishing support from the state and federal government and limited funding from corporate and individual donors. With the recent holiday demands just behind us and the cold winter months ahead, all of us in the nonprofit and social services sector continue to feel the strains.

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