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Pro-life scientist honored at Citizens for Life dinner

Stem-cell researcher Dr. James Sherley, right, was honored at the Massachusetts Citizens for Life dinner April 13. With him are keynote speaker Eve Silver, a medical research analyst and an expert consultant on breast cancer, and MCFL President Joseph Reilly. Courtesy photo/Massachusetts Citizens for Life

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CAMBRIDGE -- People are not hearing the truth about human embryonic stem-cell research even as politicians push to subsidize the grisly practice with both state and federal tax dollars.

The truth is that promising alternative research -- on adult stem cells -- is being conducted but largely ignored by the media and scientists intent on public funding of this research that requires killing human embryos.

That’s the assessment of Dr. James L. Sherley, a nationally recognized pro-life scientist who was honored at the Massachusetts Citizens for Life’s (MCFL) April 13 dinner for publicly voicing the often-ignored moral side of this issue. Sherley, 49, is the first and only black faculty member of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) biological engineering division.

“Scientists aren’t giving full and honest disclosure,” he said in a recent interview. “We’ve already found from adult cells how to address certain diseases and have not had to kill a single person to do this. Scientists know it’s unlikely embryonic stem-cell research will work. It’s a ploy to get more research funding.”

Sherley’s assessment has been echoed in recent pleas from pro-life advocates, the nation’s Catholic bishops and President George W. Bush.

Just as abortion is legal in the U.S., so is killing human embryos. The recent heated debate in Congress and on Beacon Hill has focused on who will pay for this research that has not produced one successful treatment.

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