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Initiative to strengthen marriage

Please pray daily for the vocation of marriage.Heavenly Father, through the intercession of the Holy Family, Help us treasure the gift of marriage that reflects the love of Christ for the Church, where the self-giving love of husband and wife unites them more perfectly and cooperates in your plan for new life created in your image. Help us support men and women in their vocation of marriage, especially in difficult times when they join their sufferings to the Cross. Help us uphold the institution of marriage in our society as the place where love is nurtured and family life begins. Help us acknowledge that our future depends on this love and on your providential care for us. Amen.

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BRIGHTON -- The four dioceses of Massachusetts are collaborating on an effort to strengthen the vocation of marriage in the Commonwealth.

A statewide prayer campaign for marriag is scheduled to be launched on June 22, the feast of St. Thomas More. One million prayer cards bearing an icon of the Holy Family will be distributed in parishes throughout the state.

The effort is the first step in a wider campaign of prayer and education on the vocation of marriage, recommended by the Massachusetts Catholic Conference’s Family Life/Pro-Life Committee, which began meeting in November of last year. The MCC is the public policy arm for the Catholic Church in Massachusetts.

Fran Hogan, chair of the committee and MCC board member for over 20 years, said, “A tremendous amount of people don’t have an understanding of the joyful and beautiful nature of the Catholic vision of marriage.”

Last year, the MCC reorganized, creating six new subcommittees in an effort to work more efficiently. The Family Life/Pro-Life Committee soon found that there is a need to bring forth the Catholic vision of marriage in the wider community, Hogan said.

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