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Cardinal calls eviction of Venezuela's legislature 'unacceptable'

Cardinal Jorge Urosa Archbishop of Caracas Venezuela spoke with CNA in Rome on Feb 13 2015. Photo credit: Bohumil Petrik CNA 2 CNA 2 16 15

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Caracas, Venezuela, Aug 10, 2017 CNA/EWTN News.- Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino of Caracas expressed Tuesday his “astonishment and rejection” of a series of measures that violate the “will of the sovereign people” in Venezuela.

In an Aug. 8 statement, the cardinal denounced the eviction of the country's legislature, the National Assembly, from the Federal Legislative Palace. The action was taken so that the constituent assembly, tasked with rewriting the constitution, could meet in the building.

“This is a measure astonishing for its violence and arbitrariness,” Cardinal Urosa said, adding that it “violates the will of the people who sovereignly elected the National Assembly in the December 2015 elections.”

The National Assembly is controlled by the opposition, while the constituent assembly was elected July 30 in a process that has been denounced as fraudulent by bishops, much of the international community, and the company in charge of the election's electronic voting system. Pope Francis had spoken against the constituent assembly's inauguration.

“In addition to being an invalidly constituted body, since it was not convened by the people, and whose election is suspected of fraud, the constituent assembly doesn't have the right to appropriate the seat of the National Assembly. That is arbitrary and violent, and, therefore, unacceptable.”

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