Bridging the gap with your aging loved one

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At Carmel Terrace, we understand that as we age loneliness begins to play a more significant role. Lack of companionship may have a negative impact on your or your loved one's overall mental and physical health. As a part of our social construct as humans, it's important we spend time with our friends and family or join a group to maintain a social lifestyle. Lack of social interaction can raise the probability for health issues such as depression and heart disease. Bridge the gap with your aging loved one by checking out these ways to combat loneliness:

Communication is Key

Oftentimes we get caught up in the midst of our own busy lives and could go a while without checking in with our loved ones. Making an effort to make communication a priority can help to combat some of your or your loved one's loneliness. Check out these ways to increase communication:

-- Phone/video calls

-- In-person visits

-- Encourage friends and family members to reach out as well

Encourage Social Interaction

Carmel Terrace offers plenty of local places for you or your aging loved one to be social and part of the community. By joining a club or group, you can help increase your social interaction and decrease feelings of depression and loneliness. Check out these ways to be social through our local organizations:

-- Town/state sanctioned events

-- Community social events

-- Daily Mass offered in our on-site chapel

-- Get involved with a local senior center

-- Fitness programs

-- Library and music room

-- Cinema/Theatre for movies and other events

Encourage the Exploration of New Hobbies

At Carmel Terrace, we encourage your loved ones to get back into a hobby they love. Exploring new hobbies can help them to discover something new they enjoy. Check out some of these potential hobbies and activities you can find around our community:

-- Book clubs

-- Discussion groups

-- Devotion and spiritual practices

-- Tai Chi

-- Card games

About Carmel Terrace:

Carmel Terrace in Framingham, MA, is committed to promoting a lifestyle of independence while providing support to you or a loved one. Our services include independent living, assisted living, and short-term/respite care in partnership with St. Patrick's Manor skilled nursing center. Daily life at our community offers engagement and fellowship opportunities, first-class dining, and customized services to ensure peace-of-mind for our residents and their loved ones. Carmel Terrace's senior care experts are ready to answer your questions! Contact us today to learn more about what our community has to offer! Call 508-286-7924 or visit