It is finally happening

In 2004, news that a team of South Korean scientists had successfully obtained stem cells from cloned human embryos created an international media splash. Later those claims were found to be fabricated.

Now, Harvard University has announced that they too will try to clone human embryos.

The cloning of humans is immoral and opens a Pandora’s box, the long-term consequences of which will be profound and unforeseeable.

Cloning advocates reassure the public by claiming their work is solely for “therapeutic” not reproductive purposes.

However, once the process of cloning human embryos is fully developed, there is nothing to prevent scientists from implanting a cloned embryo in the womb of a surrogate mother, resulting in the birth of a child.

Many scientists discount that possibility claiming that ethical standards and “safeguards” would be in place. But who can doubt that, for the right combination of fame and money, those safeguards will be shattered — as evidenced by the case of those South Korean scientists.