Bishop Hennessey recovering from fall

Boston’s youngest auxiliary bishop is on the mend at Regina Cleri Residence. Bishop Robert M. Hennessey arrived there on April 24 from St. Elizabeth Hospital where had been rushed by ambulance April 15 following a freak accident in Cambridge.

During that intensely stormy evening the bishop was returning to his seminary residence from an event at St. Paul Parish, Cambridge. In the midst of torrential rains and howling winds he misjudged the steps to his vehicle, and tripped, snapping his left ankle and fracturing his left shoulder.

He underwent emergency surgery at St. Elizabeth’s to repair the ankle; while the shoulder is being kept immobile. He is presently confined to a wheelchair in the infirmary wing of the archdiocesan residence for retired and sick priests.

The present outlook is that the bishop will need at least five more weeks of special care and rehabilitation/physical therapy. Following that he’ll have a shorter period of less intensive medical attention.

The bishop expects to resume his schedule gradually over the next several weeks and is hoping he’ll be able to “resume his confirmation rounds” sometime in May.

Prayers and good wishes may be sent to Most Rev. Robert F. Hennessey, Office of the Regional Bishop, 841 East Broadway, Boston, MA 02127-2302.