Family day

Last weekend in Italy 1.5 million people took part in a “Family day” rally in support of traditional family and against pending legislation that would give rights to unmarried couples -- both homosexual and heterosexual.

The rally, which avoided partisan politics, was organized by several hundred pro-family and religious organizations. Key among them were Catholic groups and new ecclesial realities such as Catholic Action, Communion and Liberation, Charismatic Renewal, the Neocatechumenal Way and pro-life groups.

This event showed the vitality of the new movements and ecclesial communities in the Church in Italy, where they have been welcomed and fostered with the personal encouragement of both John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

The event was a first of its kind for that country and shows that, when fundamental Catholic values are at stake, these new ecclesial movements have the ability to mobilize and become active in the public policy arena even in secularized Italy.

We congratulate them on their success.