Living the Faith: Pat Brawley Morise

MILTON -- “Think scripturally, act locally.” That motto perhaps best describes Pat Brawley Morise.

Morise, a parishioner at St. Elizabeth Parish, tries to incorporate her faith into every aspect of her life.

It is this drive which led her to the Milton Community Food Pantry.

In 2005, Morise picked up her local newspaper and saw a “Help Wanted” advertisement for the co-director of the pantry.

“There was this noise inside my head,” she recalled. “Every once in a while, something happens that causes you to reevaluate your mission statement, both personally and spiritually. That was one of those times.”

Morise answered the ad, and today she is co-director of the Milton food pantry where she oversees its publicity, communication and outreach. She also works at the pantry every other Saturday.

“I really feel that there aren’t a lot of opportunities in our society for caring for others -- feeding the hungry, clothing the poor ... The pantry has been a great opportunity for me to live out my faith beyond the church doors,” she said.

“People spend so much time working, entertaining themselves, killing time. We often miss the spiritual aspect -- giving to others physically, now that helps you to see your faith in action,” she added.

To help others to share in what she feels is a “wonderful faith-filled experience,” Morise turned to her pastor, Father David Ziomek, and asked if he could encourage parishioners to support the pantry.

“Father Dave has been wonderful,” Morise exclaimed. “He is excited about involving the parish more.”

Morise cited several examples of Father Ziomek’s support of the food pantry, such as encouraging confirmation students to volunteer at the food pantry as part of the service component of the confirmation program.

“Kids are so booked solid -- getting them to realize there is more to life than their agenda is challenging,” Morise said. “But the parish’s youth group is involved in the sorting of food at the pantry.”

Volunteering at the pantry allows teens to “live the Christian spirit of loving one another,” she said. In addition, it is also often fun to sort out the food as a group.

“It’s important to show them that working together for a good cause can be fun and it makes you feel good as well,” underscored Morise.

Morise, a native of Braintree, has been a parishioner at St. Elizabeth Parish together with her husband, Joseph, for over 24 years. The couple has two children. In addition to her service at the food pantry, Morise is a lector, and works with the parish youth ministry program.