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Archdiocese's newest priests meet some of the oldest

Posted: 5/28/2021

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Newly ordained Father Francis Godkin, FPO, speaks with Msgr. Albert Contons, the longest ordained priest in the archdiocese. Msgr. Contons was ordained May 6, 1948, 73 years before this class. Pilot photo/Gregory L. Tracy

Following their ordination Mass on May 22, one of the first activities of the ordination class of 2021 was a visit to Regina Cleri, the archdiocese's residence for senior priests, on May 24.

The eight new priests joined the Regina Cleri community for the celebration of their 9 a.m. daily Mass, at which newly ordained Father David Campo served as principal celebrant. Following the Mass, the young priests visited with some of the residents in the second-floor lounge and then moved outside for a larger gathering on the patio area in front of Regina Cleri. As the newly ordained mingled with the senior priests, they introduced themselves, shared their new parish assignments and offered the senior priests their blessing.