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World Mission Sunday: Connect With the World on Mission!

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Maureen Crowley

Every year we remember our baptismal call to mission as we celebrate World Mission Sunday. This year, on October 18th, as we gather for Eucharist, Catholics throughout the world will assemble in a spirit of love for those in need. Through all our prayers and concrete acts of solidarity, the gift of faith will be shared by missionaries.

In his message for World Mission Sunday, Pope Francis writes about living in mission, "From the cross of Jesus, we learn the divine logic of self-sacrifice as a proclamation of the Gospel for the life of the world. I invite you to never stop wondering: "'What would Christ do if He were in my place?'"

On World Mission Sunday, we invite you to connect with our brothers and sisters around the world on mission: ...in Africa, where millions of children receive an education in Church-run elementary schools ...in Asia, where the sick are provided with loving care at thousands of Catholic hospitals and small clinics ...in the Americas, where catechists travel to countless remote areas to bring the Good News of the God's great love to families ...in Oceania, where young men are sponsored in their studies for the priesthood so as to bring the Lord's healing hope and peace to those in need ...in Europe, where churches are rebuilt to welcome faith communities, renewed after years of persecution.

Our treasured baptism gives us all the responsibility to ensure that missionaries can carry out their life-saving work. There is no better time to re-commit our hearts to the missions than right now --

World Mission Sunday!

Your financial help supports such efforts in over 1,100 mission territories in our world. It reaches the poorest communities with a message of hope and healing, mercy and peace.

Pope Francis emphasizes that "The Propagation of the Faith was born of a young heart - Pauline Marie Jaricot, age 18 -- as a means of supporting the preaching of the Gospel to every nation... The prayers and the material aid generously given and distributed through the Propagation of the Faith enable the Holy See to ensure that those who are helped in their personal needs can in turn bear witness to the Gospel in the circumstances of their daily lives. No one is so poor as to be unable to give what they have, but first and foremost what they are."

Let us truly celebrate this World Mission Sunday, as we share the joy of the Gospel and help the poor through our fervent prayer and generous hearts!

We are grateful for your prayerful generosity.

- Maureen Crowley Heil is Director of Programs and Development for the Pontifical Mission Societies, Boston.

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