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Landry speaks on new Catholic Media secretariat

Scot Landry Pilot photo/Gregory L. Tracy

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Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley has announced the formation of a new cabinet secretariat for Catholic Media, which will oversee all the archdiocese’s broadcast, print and Internet presences. Scot Landry, currently the secretary for Institutional Advancement, has been asked to serve as secretary for Catholic Media. Following are email responses to questions submitted to Landry regarding the new secretariat and his role.

Why is Cardinal O’Malley forming this new group?

Cardinal Seán and Pope Benedict XVI recognize that the way people receive information and communicate with others has changed profoundly. This is particularly true when we think about reaching young people. The Holy Father has written about the need for our Church to utilize new media to share the Good News and to help people deepen their relationship with Christ.

Cardinal Seán seeks to make evangelization, particularly through new media, a priority. Throughout the Archdiocese of Boston, there are so many media efforts underway to share our great faith. My recent Pilot column (“The Promise and Power of Catholic New Media,” 5/14/2010) detailed many of these initiatives. It is Cardinal Seán’s belief that placing these entities together will lead to greater innovation, collaboration, effectiveness, efficiency and urgency.

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