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That all would know Jesus

David Thorp Pilot photo/George Martell

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David Thorp, the director of our Catholics Come Home Boston initiative, died suddenly on Jan. 9, 2011. My reaction, like that of so many others who have been inspired by David, was one of shock at the news of his passing, concern for his wife Barbara and their children and grandchildren, and prayer that God would welcome David home to heaven.

David's professional life and much of his personal life was dedicated to helping people to know of Christ's saving love and mercy for each one of us. A Pastoral Center colleague who has known David for more than 30 years remarked that "never had she seen a better fit between a person and his job duties" than David leading the Catholics Come Home Boston effort. He was a natural from his first day last June. It was wonderful that such a welcoming and well-formed Catholic was the 'face' of our archdiocese's welcome home effort, because he had been helping Catholics to return to the Church and to deepen their knowledge of Christ his entire life.

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