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Writing together

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If asked why they write, most authors of our era, would probably say, it's for the money. Us, too. We do it for the Big Buck. And then there are the wild parties with The Pilot staff in their plush offices. And, of course, we love those chauffeur-driven visits to parishes and the intimate dinners with Cardinal Seán. In the spirit of sacrifice we did, however, decline the BMW his Eminence sent us as a Christmas bonus. Essentially, though, we do it for the money.

We have been scribblers for many years, starting long before the lucrative contract from The Pilot came out way. Sometimes we write books, sometimes editing collected essays. Our ground-breaker was "Making a Marriage: A Personal Book of Love, Marriage and Family." Sadly, you and the overwhelming number of our fellow citizens and co-religionist somehow were able to avoid it. A wag friend is still waiting for the sequel, "The Unmaking of a Marriage: The Personal Story of How Writing Together Destroyed Our Marriage."

Our publisher took a big risk, sending us on tour. We were sent on a 14 city book tour and discovered that none of the "green rooms" are green, but all have wonderful and abundant food. The tour hooked us on writing, though.

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