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Magnificat moments

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It wasn't a job he loved. In fact, Andrew had been trying to land an internal transfer for almost a year. In January, a position he had lined up was cancelled less than a week before it was supposed to occur. Another possibility fell through about a week after he found out his job had been eliminated.

For our family, the past 55 days have seemed like an eternity. That's how long it's been since Andrew was unexpectedly laid off. While we've been through this before, not nearly enough time has passed since then for me. I still remember how scared I was three years ago -- and we were both under 50 then. But I also remember that my worst fears never materialized. Grace really did turn out to be sufficient. God continued to provide for us as he always has.

I don't know why, but my first response to a difficult situation tends to be anxiety instead of trust. Perhaps that's the reason God keeps allowing me to repeat the test: I still haven't mastered the material. But this time, I did do better than before. I didn't catastrophize quite as much, probably because I prayed a whole lot more.

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