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Religious Brothers celebrate jubilees

Religious Brothers celebrate jubilees -- (Top row, from left) Seventieth anniversary: Brother Bonaventure Scully, CFX. Sixtieth anniversary: Brother Richard Cook, CFX. Fiftieth anniversary: Brother Anthony K Cavet, CFC, Brother Phillip DiMarchi, CFX, (Bottom row, from left) Brother Charles Gilbert, OMI, Brother Henry Marino, CFX, and Brother Timothy Paul, CFX. Twenty-fifth anniversary: Brother Celestino M. Arias, OFM Cap. Courtesy photos

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Brother Bonaventure Scully, CFX

Brother Bonaventure entered the Xaverian Brothers from his native Baltimore on February 15, 1946. His ministry in education began at St. John Preparatory in Danvers, and continued at St. Xavier High School, Louisville, Ky. and Xaverian High School, Brooklyn, N.Y. His administrative responsibilities started as Principal of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Wheaton, Md., and continued later as Director of Schools for the Archdiocese of Denver and the Diocese of Memphis, then as Rector at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Ind.. Brother Bonaventure was the first President of NARB (National Assembly of Religious Brothers) now called Religious Brothers Conference. Brother is retired and resides at Xaverian House, Danvers.


Brother Richard Cook, CFX

Brother Richard graduating from St. Clement High School in Somerville and Boston College, entered the Xaverian Brothers on July 8, 1956. He later earned an MA from Boston College. Brother taught at Working Boys Home, Newton; St. Theresa School, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Notre Dame High School in Utica, N.Y.; St. John High School in Shrewsbury; and Xaverian Brothers High School, Westwood. He served as Headmaster at Xaverian Brothers High School and later at Malden Catholic High School. In 2000, Brother Richard accepted a five year assignment working with young Xaverians in formation in Bungoma, Kenya. He is now in retirement at the Xaverian Brothers Community in Malden.


Brother Anthony K Cavet, CFC

He entered the Christian Brothers in Lakewood N.J. on July 5, 1966. Brother Cavet graduated from Bergen Catholic High School. He earned an undergraduate degree in Spanish from Iona College and a Master's degree in Spanish from the University of Michigan. Brother Cavet has taught at and administered schools in New Jersey, New York Michigan, Florida and Massachusetts.

Brother Cavet is now in his 46th year in the classroom and his 21st year at Catholic Memorial. He teaches Math, Spanish and Italian to freshman and sophomores. At the end of the school day, Brother Cavet starts a two-hour round of teaching debate and coaching speech for Catholic Memorial's nationally ranked forensic program.

Brother Phillip DiMarchi, CFX

Brother Phillip entered the Xaverian Brothers novitiate from his home in New Jersey, on July 8, 1966. After receiving his Bachelor's degree in Science from Boston College in 1972 and his Masters from Brandeis University in 1973, Brother Phil began a long career in the Xaverian ministry of education. Brother taught one year at Malden Catholic and has been teaching for 42 years at St. John Preparatory School, in Danvers. He resides at the Xaverian Brothers community in Melrose.

Brother Charles Gilbert, OMI

Many quotes and passages have stuck with me along life's journey to now. From May 5th, 1944 to May 5th, 2016 is a long stretch. At age 72 there is an amalgamation of many witnessings, lessons, teachings, reflections and sharings. Sister Edith has reminded me that we live in a busy whirlwind environment of things to do, of expectations demanding response, of tasks to perform and obligations to fulfill. She and my 12 step program tell me that without a commitment to some time of solitude we are in danger of being swallowed up in the hurricane of activity. We may even lose touch with our center, our identity as children of God and our call to live our baptismal promise to witness, to worship and to serve.

"A Brother is a man committed to living the Consecrated Life in response to a call from God. Brothers are engaged in a variety of ministries in keeping with the charism of their congregation and model the person of Jesus through the relational manner in which they serve." I've been involved in many ministries through the years and performed many tasks. Some have been very rich and profound. I've tended boilers and fed communities and shrine pilgrims. I've even made wedding cakes and taught in the Deaf Community about God and Jesus.

Brother Henry Marino, CFX

Brother Henry, a native of Brooklyn, NY, joined the Xaverian Brothers on July 8, 1956 after receiving his BA from St. John's University. He began his long ministry in education, teaching at St. Joseph School, Somerville; Holy Name School, Brooklyn, N.Y.; St. Xavier High School, Louisville, Ky.; Mt. St. Joseph High School, Baltimore, Md.; Xaverian High School, Brooklyn, N.Y.; and Xaverian Brothers High School, Westwood. His last ministry was at Malden Catholic High School, Malden, where he served first as administrative assistant to the Headmaster and then as a member of the campus ministry team. Brother Henry is retired and resides at Xaverian House in Danvers.

Brother Timothy Paul, CFX

Brother Tim Paul entered the Xaverians on July 8, 1966 after graduating from John Bapst High School in his native Bangor, Maine. He earned degrees in Biology and Science from Boston University, Northeastern University and Salem Sate College. Brother Tim taught at Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood for two years and has served 42 years at St. John Preparatory School in Danvers, as teacher and administrator. He has his pilot's license and shares his enthusiasm for aviation with Prep students. Brother resides at the Xaverian Brothers community in Melrose.

Twenty Fifth

Brother Celestino M. Arias, OFM Cap.

He is the son of Celestino and Rosamary Arias. He attended Hendrick Hudson High School in Montrose and Boston College, earning two bachelors, one in history and one in philosophy. He pronounced perpetual profession on June 19, 1999. In September, 2000 he was named guardian of our new fraternity of St. Benedict the Moor in Roxbury. Brother Tino also began his new ministry with Catholic Charities of Greater Boston. He was transferred on Sept. 1, 2006, residing at Sacred Heart Friary in Yonkers where he researched and prepared "Day Laborer Ministries," a written project as part of the province's pastoral plan. On April 24, 2008 Brother Tino was elected to the provincial leadership team, one of four counselors who minister to the province-at-large.

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