From Cardinal Seán's blog

As a young seminarian, I spent some time in Germany studying German. There, in Bavaria, I was impressed by the fact that, in the center of each of the villages, there was a small replica of the Berlin Wall with a sign that read in German, "A wall divides the German people." Like so many, we never thought that that wall would come down. And then it did.

I have been at every March for Life since the very first one when I worked to organize it with Nellie Gray. In the years since, I have often reflected on the fact that I would likely not live long enough to see the Roe v. Wade decision overturned. Yet, today, I see that it has happened. For me, it is a sign of the power of prayer in our world.

I know this is a very challenging time in our country, with so much division and polarization, but I am convinced that many, many children will be spared because of this decision. But our work is not done. It is not enough to change the laws; we need to change people's hearts, try to heal divisions, and work for a more just society. One of the causes of so many abortions is the economic injustice that exists in our world. The more we can do to overcome those injustices and grueling poverty that some people experience, the more we will make the world safe for children in the womb and help women whose lives lead them to these dark decisions.

So, I don't think our attitude should be at all triumphalist but one of prayer and commitment to continue working for the protection of all human life at every stage.

Mass for the feast of Corpus Christi

Sunday, I celebrated the Mass for the feast of Corpus Christi at the cathedral.

With us were a number of members of the Guild of St. Luke of Catholic physicians because the Mass was being offered for their members who served during the pandemic, especially those who lost their lives to COVID.

The Order of the Holy Sepulchre

After the Mass, we gathered in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel for the ceremony of the promotion of officers of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre Northeast Lieutenancy. Normally, the promotions would have been conferred at a national gathering, but because of the pandemic, it was decided that each lieutenancy should hold its own local celebration.

The Order of the Holy Sepulchre is one of the oldest organizations in the Church. It was once a military order that protected the sacred places in the Holy Land. In the modern era, it has evolved into an organization that supports the Church there, with a focus on supporting the works of mercy, evangelization, and education, as well as the support of the holy sites.

Council of Cardinals

Monday, we had a virtual meeting of the Council of Cardinals advising the Holy Father on the reform of the Roman Curia. The meeting was originally planned to be in person, but it was switched to a virtual format because the Holy Father was expected to be traveling.

Though the Holy Father has canceled those trips and Cardinal Parolin is going to take his place in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, we are very pleased that he is doing much better. He is walking again, and perhaps he will be able to travel at the end of July, though no decision has been made yet on that.