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Meet our priests: Father Vincent Eugene Daily

Posted: 2/27/2009

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Father Vincent Eugene Daily Pilot file photo

Parish assignment: “Retired” resident of Youville House, Cambridge

Place of birth: Boston

How many brothers and sisters do you have? 3 brothers

High School: Belmont High School 1947

College: Undergraduate -- Boston College 1951

Graduate 1 -- Boston College Graduate School 1954

Graduate 2 -- STB Gregorian U. 1957

Seminary (Theology) -- St. John’s Brighton 1 year; North American College, Gregorian University, 4 years

Date of ordination? Dec. 20, 1958, Sta. Susanna’s in Rome

What assignments have you had since ordination?

Immaculate Conception Parish, Marlboro, ’59-’67; St. James Society, Santa Cruz, Bolivia ’67-’72; St. John’s Seminary, Brighton ’72-’76 (faculty); St. James Society, Boston, recruiter ’76-’81; St. John-St. Hugh’s, Roxbury ’81-’89 (administrator); St. James Society, Buena Vista, Bolivia ’89-’95; Asuncion de la Virgen Maria Parish, Lawence, ’95-2000; Youville Residence Cambridge ’00-’09.

What have been some of the greatest joys for you as a priest?

Being thrilled at finding Christ alive in others... even his enemies who are searching for him but don’t know it... yet.

Who influenced your vocation the most to consider the priesthood?

Parents’ love of and loyalty to the Church and the example of diocesan priests, Jesuits, Passionists and my brother Bishop Tom Daily.

What events or practices in your life helped you to discover and discern your call to the priesthood?

Study of philosophy at B.C., devotion to Passionist ideals, interest in mission life and the mystery of the poor.

What is one of your favorite scripture passages and why?

“The poor you have always with you...and whatsoever you will, you may do them good. But me you have not always...” (Mk 14, 7).

What are some of your hobbies?

Sports -- swimming, walking. Reading about modern saints, evangelization, Latin America, Bolivia, Rome. Helping out at St. Stephen’s, North End and in minority parishes recruiting.

What advice would you give to a young man who is considering the priesthood?

Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity! Priesthood offers a chance to try to imitate Christ’s universal love in so many ways!

What are some of your favorite books/ spiritual reading/ magazines?

Raphael Simon, “Hammer and Fire;” Raissa Maritain, “Prayer and Intelligence;” Edith Stein, most recent -- Romano Guardini, “End of Modern World” and Father Val Peter “Seven Secular Challenges to the Church,” 2009.

Through the cardinal, God is calling each of us personally to help rebuild his Church. How must the priest respond to this mandate today?

Trust your own generosity, be idealistic, find out for yourself that life is an adventure of love, but that love isn’t always easy...Grow in self-giving, not so much from it...

When Cardinal Seán came to Boston, he wrote a pastoral letter entitled “Vocations: Everybody’s Business.” What are some ways that we can help all individuals and families understand their role in promoting and supporting vocations?

Start with the fact that God is family, Jesus-Mary-Joseph are family, the nuclear family is family, therefore, family is where it’s at...and the aim is to help all humankind feel part of the family of Christ, the only Savior... Come on along!

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