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Healing service for those dealing with abortion aftermath

Posted: 1/14/2005

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January is a month in which the Church seeks to affirm the dignity of human life through many pro-life events. However, according to Marianne Luthin, director of the Pro-Life office of the Archdiocese of Boston, the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision is often a difficult time for men and women affected by the trauma of abortion.

In consideration of this, the Project Rachel Office will be conducting a one-day “Prayer and Healing Service” for those “suffering from the pain of abortion,” to be held in February, said Luthin.

"The prayer and healing service is designed for women to experience the love of Christ and begin to find healing in themselves," explained Luthin.

"By focusing of the love of God and of the Church, and by hearing others who themselves have had abortions and have found healing in the church, I believe many women will be able to make the first step" in the healing process.

For more information on the Prayer and Healing Service, contact the Project Rachel office at 508-651-3100.