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Sisters of St. Joseph celebrate transition of leadership

By Pilot staff
Posted: 6/29/2018

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Members of the new leadership team of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston from left to right: Sisters Judith Costello, Betsy Conway, Marian Batho, Lee Hogan, Denise Kelly, and Cathy Clifford. Pilot photo/ Courtesy Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston

BRIGHTON -- On June 24, 2018, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston participated in the Transition of Leadership for their congregation. Over 500 sisters, associates, colleagues, friends and family members were present at the CSJ Center at Fontbonne Academy in Milton for the celebration. The sisters who have been elected by the congregation to serve in the ministry of leadership for the next five years are: Sisters Lee Hogan, Catherine Clifford, Marian Batho, Judith Costello, Betsy Conway, and Denise Kelly.

Sister Lee Hogan, moves into her position as president of the Sisters of St. Joseph from her current position as treasurer of the congregation. Members of the leadership team completing their terms are: Sisters Rosemary Brennan, Maureen Doherty, Margaret L. Sullivan, Roseann Amico, Gail Donahue, and Patricia E. McCarthy.

During the past year, the Sisters of St. Joseph, associates and partners in mission entered into a year of prayer, discernment and contemplative conversation called "Chapter 2017-2018." A chapter year, which takes place every five years, is a time when all members of the congregation evaluate the past and envision the future. The theme of Chapter 2017-2018 was "Impelled by God's Inclusive Love." This theme helped set the direction for the congregation to continue to strengthen mission, strengthen relationships for mission, strengthen the spiritual and tell the story of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.

In her reflections during the prayer service, Sister Lee Hogan spoke with conviction and enthusiasm saying, "The half century since Vatican II has presented many gifts and many challenges to apostolic religious life. Writers tell us that we are living in 'middle space' or 'middle time' between a past that is over and a future that is not yet. While none of us can see clearly the future of this life, we know and take it as our responsibility that we are shaping that future as we live our lives today. Yet we know that it is our God who beckons us to come into that future -- a future full of hope, and challenge and opportunity."

"This ministry of leadership is one of collaboration. It is about working together to set our faces forward, to continue the journey, extending our charism to the wider world through prayer and ministry, and walking in the confidence that it is our God who calls us to that future," she added.