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  • Compelling study brings archaeology to life for academics, nonexperts

    "Three Stones Make a Wall: The Story of Archaeology" by Eric H. Cline, with illustrations by Glynnis Fawkes. Princeton University Press (Princeton, New Jersey, 2017). 455 pp., $35. Some 3.6 million years ago in what is now Laetoli, Tanzania, three "hominins" (ancestral humans) walked across fresh ash from a volcano, leaving footprints that the archaeologist Mary Leakey discovered in 1978-79. She and her team identified about 70 such footprints, extending for nearly 90 feet.

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  • Diverse writers see parents, children as vehicles for grace

    "Getting Past Perfect: How to Find Joy and Grace in the Messiness of Motherhood" by Kate Wicker. Ave Maria Press (Notre Dame, Indiana, 2017). 135 pp., $14.95. "Couriers of Grace: My Daughter, the Sacraments and a Surprising Walk of Faith" by Nancy Jo Sullivan. Ave Maria Press (Notre Dame, Indiana, 2017). 110 pp., $13.95.

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