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A teachable moment

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A scheduled Mass that was announced as a commemoration of Boston Gay Pride Month at St. Cecilia Church in Boston was postponed indefinitely. After criticism from local Catholics, the archdiocese instructed the pastor at St. Cecilia to postpone the Mass and said in a statement that the bulletin announcement of the Mass "created the unintended impression that the Church was endorsing Gay Pride activities."

The controversy surrounding these events is a teachable moment for all Catholics in the archdiocese.

First, it is important to state that no Catholic should embrace prejudice against individuals with homosexual orientation. Such prejudice is incompatible with our faith. On the contrary, the Church welcomes every individual and encourages personalized pastoral care of many different groups of people who have particular experiences or needs. In that context, groups caring for individuals with homosexual orientation are needed and promoted in the Church.

It is also vital to understand that homosexual orientation is not, in itself, sinful and people experiencing it are welcome to participate in the life of the Church. In this regard, the Catholic Church is far more welcoming than some other groups of Christians.

However, the issue at hand is not the sexual orientation of Catholics but how those attractions are lived out and acted upon. Yes, God loves us all, even in our sin, but that does not mean that everything we do is good.

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