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Why do they hate us so?

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Granted, committed Catholics are uncomfortable with much of the drift in contemporary American culture. We're uncomfortable with the rampant consumerism of American society. We're nervous with the current climate in scientific research, the if-it's-doable-let's-do-it mentality that is fueling the stem-cell research derby and the push to create new life forms. We're worried, too, about the effects of the country's highly sexualized media culture on our kids. But so, too, are our Protestant and Jewish neighbors.

But why is anti-Catholicism so evident in America today? What explains the government's recent slap in the face to our Church, telling leaders of Catholic hospitals, colleges and foundations that they must provide contraceptive services to all employees as part of their health plans? Are the politicians who made this ruling convinced that Catholics are held in so little regard that there will be little blow-back from us and possibly quiet satisfaction among non-Catholics?

America is an open society that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism. We have made a veritable state religion of tolerance. Why is it, then, that so many non-Catholics have so little tolerance for us? What is it about Catholics that gets under their skin so?

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