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Archdiocese updates parish guidance

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BRAINTREE -- In response to inquiries about restrictions on parish activities in light of the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, the archdiocese's Pandemic Response Team has issued new advice to pastors and parishes.

In an Aug. 5 message, the team confirmed that there are currently no restrictions on parish activities. Acknowledging that circumstances vary across the archdiocese, they encouraged pastors to introduce or recommend precautionary measures "when they deem it appropriate to do so."

Parishioners who wish to wear masks are to be welcomed and made to feel comfortable participating in parish activities.

The team affirmed that masks are "a recommended means of reducing the spread of the virus," especially for people who are at greater risk or have not been vaccinated, and for people who are regularly present among those of either demographic.

On Aug. 8, the Pandemic Response Team issued an additional message encouraging pastors to provide space in their churches for parishioners who want to mask and maintain a distance from others at Mass, and to provide information about the location of that space.

Questions about the coronavirus and parish life can be sent to corona@rcab.org and covidfaithformation@rcab.org.

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