10 Sunday afternoon activities seniors love

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Sunday afternoons are perfect for resting and enjoying some lighthearted recreational activities. So, what can you do this Sunday? Here are 10 Sunday afternoon activities seniors love.

1. Card games

Card games make an excellent Sunday afternoon activity because they can be played with any number of people. Invite a few friends over to play bridge. Or start a game of Crazy 8s with a family member. You can even play solitaire on your own!

2. Have tea

Nothing is quite like an afternoon chat over tea. So, whether you prefer to have tea with family, friends, or your Celtic Angels Home Healthcare caregivers, you're sure to have a good time. You can even set up a regular tea social and enjoy trying different snacks and blends of tea each week.

3. Make art

Art is a wonderful form of self-expression. And since there are so many mediums, virtually anyone can participate, even if you have mobility challenges. Try painting, drawing, or decoupage for an enjoyable afternoon.

4. Write letters

Emails can't compare to the joy of receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. Try spending Sunday afternoon writing letters to friends and family. It's a good way to keep in touch and feel connected. Plus, you'll have all your letters done and ready to be posted Monday morning.

5. Record your memories

Sundays have traditionally been days of reflection, so why not take some time each afternoon to think about fond memories you'd like to share with your loved ones? If you write down one or two memories each week, you'll have an entire memory book in no time. If you need a bit of help, try a journal that includes prompts to help you record your life story.

6. Bake

Is there anything more inviting than the smell of warm cookies or pie wafting from your oven? Sunday afternoons are a great time to get some baking in. Decorate cookies if you're feeling creative, or just whip up a batch of brownies to share.

7. Listen to music

Sunday afternoons are a perfect time to relax with your favorite music. Put on your favorite radio station, queue up your playlist, or venture out to listen to local musicians. You can also listen to music while doing other activities, or even have a dance in your living room!

8. Practice yoga

Yoga is wonderful for stretching out our muscles, helping us become more in tune with our bodies, and allowing us to relax and focus on our breath. So why not make Sunday afternoons your time to practice yoga? You may find it's just what you've been missing!

9. Meet for fellowship

Many places of worship offer afternoon activities, including potlucks, volunteer opportunities, hymn sings, and more. Consider joining one of these activities for fellowship. And if you can't leave home due to mobility challenges or COVID-19 precautions, find out whether you can participate virtually. Many places of worship are happy to include you!

10. Spend time with grandchildren

If you have grandchildren, Sundays are often the best day of the week to visit with them. School is out for the weekend, and many of the activities they participate in occur on Saturdays. So why not see if you can make a set time to spend with your grandchildren on Sunday afternoons? Share a favorite hobby, have a meal, or just enjoy their presence!

Do you need help participating in your favorite Sunday afternoon activities? We're here to help! Contact us to discuss your needs at www.celticangelsinc.com.