Why wait? Five reasons not to delay your decision

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At Carmel Terrace in Framingham, one common refrain we hear from many residents: "I wish I'd moved in sooner." The decision to move into a retirement community is momentous, and shouldn't be taken lightly; however, putting the decision off too long can come at the expense of emotional and physical wellness, finances, and more. We've all heard the reasons why older adults should move to a retirement community, but the reasons to move in early are a little bit subtler, though no less important. Here are just a few reasons why delaying your move could be the wrong move:

1. It's the healthier choice. The well-known adage turns out to be true: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. An example can be found in the health and wellness programs in which our residents participate. In particular, the fitness programs for our independent and assisted living residents are designed not just to maintain current levels of strength, but to build upon and improve it throughout their lives. Joining our community while you still have your health is a great first step toward preserving it.

2. Socialization is especially important as we age. A recent report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) showed that nearly one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older are considered to be socially isolated. One of the best parts of a retirement community is right there in the name: the community! Intimate neighborhoods and shared identity among residents create easy friendships that last a lifetime. But making the move too late could mean difficulty establishing friendships with other residents. Isolation is increasingly understood as more than an emotional issue; it is a social problem with a heavy physical toll. One study found that feeling lonely or being isolated affects mortality to the same degree as a 15-cigarette-per-day smoking habit. Being able to establish relationships early on will pay off in the event that health care needs arise in the future.

3. It means peace of mind for your loved ones. Moving in earlier than you need to means your family doesn't have to scramble to find you a place when needs arise. Searching for assisted living under a time constraint, usually as the result of a hospitalization, can bring considerable stress to yourself and your loved ones. The full continuum of care we offer in partnership with St. Patrick's Manor means a home for life, and, for those who care about you, an unburdening from the worry that comes with uncertainty.

4. You get your money's worth. Delaying your decision could mean missed opportunities, on campus and off. Our community's services and amenities are yours to enjoy, but if you wait until health problems force your decision, some may be out of reach. There's no shortage of activities and events for our independent and assisted living residents and moving in sooner means you'll have more opportunities to fully enjoy your retirement and everything Carmel Terrace has to offer.

5. Enjoy a smooth transition. The longer you wait, the harder it can be to adjust to new surroundings. Relocation Stress Syndrome, a condition that can manifest as anxiety, agitation, and confusion, is more often experienced in adults of advanced age than their younger counterparts. You can avoid unnecessary stress by moving in while you're relatively young and healthy.

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