From Cardinal Seán's blog

Like all of you, I'm sure, I have been closely following reports of the Holy Father's health this week.

As we learned today, the Holy Father is doing much better and hopes to celebrate the services of Holy Week. That's certainly wonderful news, but I hope the Holy Father isn't going to overdo it and remembers to take good care of himself.

Let us all continue to pray for the Holy Father and his complete recovery!

Funeral Mass

Last Friday, I went to St. Theresa of Avila Parish in West Roxbury to celebrate the funeral Mass of Father Peter Nolan.

Father Peter spent many years of his priesthood in West Roxbury. He was a Holy Ghost Father and a missionary in Nigeria during a period that included the Biafran War. Then, after leaving the missions, he came to the States and eventually to Boston, where he was made vicar at Theresa's. Of course, he went on to be pastor in Hyde Park for many years but returned to St. Theresa's in his retirement.

Father John Connelly was our gracious host for the Mass, and Msgr. Bill Helmick preached. (Father Peter, Msgr. Helmick, and I all have the great privilege of being born on the feast of St. Peter and Paul. So, we've celebrated many birthdays together.)

Father Peter was in his 90s, and it was amazing to see the church filled for the funeral of someone of that age. Usually, when you make it to your 90s, you've outlived most of your friends and associates! His sister and brother from Ireland were there, and it was beautiful that they were able to see how much the people in Boston appreciated and loved Father Peter.

Mass at Northeastern University

Sunday, I celebrated a Mass for the Catholic community at Northeastern University. I hadn't been there in a while because of the pandemic, and it was very good to be back. It was nice to see Father Paul Helfrich, Brother Andrew, and many other members of the Brotherhood of Hope.

The Mass was held at the Fenway Center, which is the former St. Anne's Church.

We were also very honored to be joined by President Aoun and his wife, Zeina.

Afterward, there was a reception across the street in the Catholic Center. There, I had an opportunity to chat with the students and those involved in campus ministry.

Virtual board meeting

Monday, I participated in a virtual board meeting of the Pontifical Mission Societies in the U.S.

Father Kieran Harrington, the new national director who was just with us last week at the Pastoral Center, is in the process of reorganizing the Pontifical Mission Societies to try to get more involvement from the dioceses. Of course, Boston has always been a very important supporter of the Pontifical Mission Societies, so they asked me to be a part of these efforts.