Your seminarians, our annual update

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Each fall The Pilot tries to give you an update on the seminarians of the archdiocese. There are three seminaries within the archdiocese which have seminarians at various stages of priestly formation -- Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary, Weston; (; Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary, Brookline; (; and St. John Seminary, Brighton ( Sometimes we have seminarians in seminaries outside the archdiocese but who are preparing for eventual service in our archdiocese. Currently we have one seminarian at Our Lady of Providence Seminary, Providence, Rhode Island ( We often have one or more seminarians at the Pontifical North American College at Rome, (; right now there are no seminarians there, but there is still a Boston presence there with a student priest at NAC.

Recent documents on priestly formation have required new names for the various stages of priestly formation prior to ordination. These are based on the four pillars of formation proposed by Pope St. John Paul II and adopted by most seminaries -- the human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral.

An even more recent addition to the formation has been a requirement of the Holy See of a "propaedeutic" year. It's a kind of novitiate or introductory year to what the seminary is to be about. One aspect of it is that the year is to a full 365 days (and I guess 366 in leap years). It is not like an academic year which is usually about 180-200 days.

The support which the faithful of our archdiocese have shown towards our seminarians and seminaries is most important. Obviously material support is important. Above all though your spiritual and moral support is probably even more needed. The seminarians rely on our prayers; a word of encouragement; and, if one is working in your parish, a hello and a thank you.

Most often the question asked is how many seminarians do we have preparing for future ordination in the Archdiocese of Boston? Some ask a broader question "How many seminarians are there in our seminaries?"

Below is a list of our Boston seminarians by name and probable year of ordination with their present seminary assignment.

The Boston Seminarians 2023-2024

Fritz Anacreon, 2026, Redemptoris Mater

Aaron Arbizo, 2030, Redemptoris Mater

Giovanni F. Argote Infante, 2024, Redemptoris Mater

Giris Azizie, 2026, Pope St. John XXIII

Luca Azzani, 2031, Redemptoris Mater

Stephen Baruffi, 2026, Pope St. John XXIII

Alden M. Bronson, 2027, St. John

Vincenzo Caruso, 2026, Redemptoris Mater

Paulo Sergio Carvalho, 2028, St. John

Michael Rene Castellon Rios, 2028, Redemptoris Mater

Alexander J Charow, 2026, St. John

Nicholas C. Colon, 2028, St. John

Luca Contini, 2033, Redemptoris Mater

Brian R. Daley, 2025, St. John

Miguel Angel De Loera, 2033, Redemptoris Mater

Alexander De Tirado, 2031, Redemptoris Mater

Brian Delaney, 2025, Pope St. John XXIII

Ulises Diaz Montano, 2028, Redemptoris Mater

Kyle Ellis, 2030, Our Lady of Providence

Marcelo Ferrari, 2024, St. John

Gerson Garcia, 2030, Redemptoris Mater

Kyle T. Gregg, 2027, St. John

Gabriel Hanley, 2024, Redemptoris Mater

Matthew Harrington, 2024, St. John

Ryan P. Henderson, 2028, St. John

Joseph P. Jasinski, 2027, St. John

David Joanis, 2024, St. John

Christopher Letizia, 2024, St. John

Jake V. Livingstone, 2028, St. John

Sean McKeown, 2030, St. John

Diego Mendoza, 2031, Redemptoris Mater

Thiago Mesquita de Sousa, 2027, St. John

Maximillian Meunke, 2027, Pope St. John XXIII

Rafael Milla, 2030, Redemptoris Mater

John Monbouquette, 2030, St. John

Barry Mongeon, 2024, Pope St. John XXIII

Gustavo Neitzke, 2027, Redemptoris Mater

Joseph Thuy V. Nguyen, 2025, St. John

Mateus Oliveira Martin, 2025, Redemptoris Mater

Christian Ortez, 2031, Redemptoris Mater

Javier A. Padilla, 2026, Redemptoris Mater

Diego Alejandro Pena, 2025, Redemptoris Mater

Dong Huy Pham, 2025, St. John

Luis Alberto Piceno, 2024, Redemptoris Mater

David Pineda, 2024, St. John

Thomas Rishad, 2026, Pope St. John XXIII

Edward Rodriguez, 2029, Redemptoris Mater

Connor Roukey, 2030, St. John

Rafael Stefano Rubio, 2031, Redemptoris Mater

Jonathan Saniuk, 2026, St. John

Aaron C. Sanz, 2027, Redemptoris Mater

Henry Seuffert, 2031, Redemptoris Mater

Christopher Silebi, 2031, Redemptoris Mater

John Tanyi, 2024, Pope St. John XXIII

Matthew Thoni, 2033, Redemptoris Mater

Hung Viet Tran, 2024, St. John

Giovanni Michael Trimboli, 2033, Redemptoris Mater

Isaac Velasquez, 2031, Redemptoris Mater

Jeremy Wagner, 2024, St. John

Felix Mary Waldron, FPO, 2025, St. John

Timothy J. Walsh, 2027, St. John

Liam M. Warner, 2028, St. John

The Seminaries

Our Lady of Providence, where there is one Boston seminarian, has a capacity of 26 seminarians in four years of college seminary formation. There are 14 other seminarians from other arch/dioceses in the United States. There are four full-time, and four part-time faculty.

Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary has a capacity of 80 seminarians and there are currently 42 seminarians from arch/dioceses in the United States, other nations, and religious orders. The seminary provides four years of formation. There are 10 full-time faculty, and 16 part-time faculty. Of the current enrollment there are eight men in formation for the Boston archdiocese over the four years at Pope St. John.

Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary has 27 seminarians in 10 years of formation; all those seminarians are candidates for the archdiocese of Boston and there are three full-time faculty members.

St. John Seminary has a capacity of 85 seminarians and currently reports 55 resident students, and 33 commuters (students who live elsewhere in religious communities in the vicinity but have some of their formation at St. John). All 26 of the Boston seminarians at St. John are residents and they span seven years of formation. Among the other resident seminarians are candidates from other US arch/dioceses and other nations. There are 30 faculty members, 15 each of full-time and part-time.

Since the Pontifical North American College at Rome is mentioned above and as there are multiple alumni priests (and bishops) of the archdiocese, the present enrollment at PNAC is 101 in four years of formation. There are 10 full-time faculty. The seminary has a capacity of 225.