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'Indissoluble Marriage Is Not A Threat to Human Freedom'

Rome (ZENIT) -- “Fidelity” and “indissolubility” remain indispensable conditions of Christian marriage, confirmed Cardinal Kurt Koch, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, during a conference on the contents of the forthcoming Synod, held a few days ago at Battaglia, of which ample excerpts were reported in today’s edition of L’Osservatore Romano.

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Long-awaited a la carte programming is coming -- just not to cable

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- For years, there has been a low, rumbling clamor for a la carte cable television offerings. One reason initially was the appearance on various cable tiers of channels viewers found lacking in taste or morality. MTV has long been a prime culprit to this core of viewers, first for salacious music videos but in recent years for its stream of reality-TV shows with blurred faces and other body parts, not to mention bleeped (and bleepable) language.

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