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Congress urged to ensure 'fair and just wages' for all workers

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Congress can promote the common good and contribute to a more just society by ensuring the federal minimum wage promotes family formation and stability, said Miami Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski and Dominican Sister Donna Markham, president of Catholic Charities USA, in a July 27 letter to Congress.

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Despite successes, Older Americans Act faces uncertain future in Congress

GTON (CNS) -- The Older Americans Act, under which millions of Americans have enjoyed services in nutrition, health and employment, turned 50 on July 14 with little fanfare.

The programs funded under the act -- such as Meals on Wheels, senior centers, health screenings, adult day care, respite services, transportation services, elder abuse prevention and a long-term care ombudsman program -- have become a part of the everyday lives of millions of seniors.

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