• Christians can't ignore differences on life issues, pope says

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Christianity has something to say about human dignity, and "it would be a shame" if differing positions on the sanctity of all human life or on marriage were to increase the divisions among Christian churches and communities, Pope ...

  • Professor who renounced his dissent from Humanae Vitae dies

    Silver Spring, Md. (CAN/EWTN News) - William E. May, a professor who retracted his one-time dissent from Humanae vitae and became an influential pro-life teacher and defender of Catholic moral ethics, died on Saturday. "Teaching was everything to Dr. ...

  • Most Americans believe in Christmas story

    Washington D.C. (CNA) - Christmas carols echo reality for most Americans, who believe in the historical accuracy of several Gospel descriptions of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Pew Research Center's survey, published Dec. 15, found "widespread belief ...

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'Happy' about warming of U.S.-Cuba relations, pope praises diplomacy

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis expressed his joy over the historic turning point in U.S.-Cuba relations as the two countries agreed to restore diplomatic ties after half a century. "Today we are happy because we have seen how two peoples who were distanced for so many years took a step toward each other yesterday," he told a group of new ambassadors.

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