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Vatican II's approach to Jews, other Christians differs, professor says

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The Second Vatican may have followed much the same structure when writing its documents on how the Catholic Church should relate to other religions and to other Christian denominations, but the approaches differ, according to a professor of systematic theology at The Catholic University of America in Washington.

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Abundance of media connects people far and wide to Romero beatification

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- The use of modern media to move and consume news of the beatification of Oscar Romero might be a fitting tribute to the Salvadoran archbishop. Though he lived simply, among the few remaining belongings left in a room where he lived as archbishop of San Salvador, visitors will notice a tape recorder. Archbishop Romero kept an audio diary -- high technology in those days, and an instrument to transmit the Gospel and his message of peace to a mass audience.

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Israel downplays media flurry over Vatican agreement with Palestine

JERUSALEM (CNS) -- Israel is downplaying the recent media flurry over reports the Vatican and Palestinian representatives have finalized the text of a formal agreement recognizing freedom of religion in the "State of Palestine" and outlining the rights and obligations of the Catholic Church, its agencies and its personnel in the territory.

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