Living the Faith: Andrea Alberti

NAHANT -- “I have a passion in my heart to work with young people and tell them about Jesus -- his amazing love and his amazing Church,” declared Andrea Alberti, part-time youth minister at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Nahant.

This passion has led her to instruct, guide and mentor children in both her personal life and in her professional career.

A high school theology teacher at St. Mary’s High School in Lynn, Alberti is also the director of campus ministry for the school. In addition, she works part-time at St. Margaret Parish in Saugus as their youth minister.

“The work I do is one of the ways I live out my faith,” Alberti stated modestly. “I am so blessed to be able to do this almost everyday.”

Aside from her professional life, Alberti, 36, sees her vocation as a mother of three daughters, ages 8, 7 and 4, as one of the most challenging and rewarding ways she lives out her faith.

“I try the best I can to hand down the truth to my three daughters,” she said. “The daily opportunities to love and teach as a parent are the most profound for me.”

In order to involve her children -- and other similar-aged children -- in their faith, Alberti began running a “Living Water Bible Camp” in the summer. The camp, run by the parish’s youth group, combine fun summer activities and religious learning experiences.

Alberti praised her pastor, Father Terence Curley, for his involvement in the summer camp program.

According to Alberti, Father Curley “asked all the kids to bring in their dolls on day two and he role played and explained baptism beautifully using their dolls.”

In addition to her involvement in the youth ministry program, Alberti participates in a women’s prayer group.

“My friends keep me accountable to my daily rosary,” she said, adding that she also tries to attend daily Mass as often as she possibly can.

A Nahant native, Alberti has been a parishioner at St. Thomas Aquinas since she was three years old. She recalls walking to Mass every Sunday with her parents and her brothers.

“I grew up directly behind the church and St. Thomas Parish represents my roots in Catholicism,” she said. “I thank God for my parents who lived out their marriage vows and truly handed down the faith to us in beautiful real ways. It is the greatest gift they ever gave me.”

“My faith is my life line,” she said. “To me it means that through the grace of God and his holy Catholic Church I can serve him and others with authentic love and joy.”

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, Nahant

Year established -- 1902

Pastor -- Father Terence Curley

Religious Education Coordinator -- Kathryn Marini

Parish Secretary -- Jean M. Piantedosi

Music Director -- Trudy Hill

Youth Minister -- Andrea Alberti