Living the Faith: Nicole Campion

NORWOOD -- With society constantly inundating young people with messages that lead them away from God and the Church, it is refreshing to see young people who hold strong to their faith. Nicole Campion is one of those young people.

As a parishioner at St. Timothy’s Parish in Norwood, Campion, now 18, has been involved in her parish since she was six years old. She has been an altar server; she has sung in the youth ensemble; she has participated in three post-Katrina mission trips to the Gulf Coast; and she has volunteered at the parish Vacation Bible School.

Perhaps most challenging to her has been the confirmation class she has taught for the past two years.

“Not too many of the students were church-goers, so it was very challenging to teach CCD to them,” Campion said.

“In the end, I got something out of it, and I hope they did too,” she added.

Now, as a recent high school graduate looking to continue her education at the University of Notre Dame, Campion continues to volunteer her time and talent at her parish.

She still sings in the youth ensemble, she still participates in the weekly youth group. In June, she was a volunteer in the parish “Special Needs Day” a parish event where parishioners helped people with special needs to go sailing on the lake that abuts the parish.

Volunteering at the parish is a family affair, Campion noted. Her mother is the parish liturgy director, her father volunteers as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion and one of her two siblings is an altar server.

“We are all pretty involved at St. Tim’s,” she said.

In addition, the family has also forged a strong friendship with their pastor, Father John Culloty.

“He’s great,” Campion said with a smile. “He’s become a part of the family for us, in addition to being our pastor.”

According to Campion, Father Culloty has helped to foster a very strong youth group at St. Timothy’s. The youth group, which is joined to the youth group at neighboring St. Catherine of Siena parish in Norwood, allows young people to have, “a very strong support system” that nurtures their faith.

“Our youth group has grown over the years,” she said. “I love being able to go to church and see a ton of people that you recognize.”

Being a strong Catholic and a teen is not always easy, admitted Campion, adding that her faith, “has been changing over the past few years.”

“It’s easy to forget about God when I am busy,” she said, “but I think that’s normal for a kid.”

“It’s something I’ll probably always struggle with,” she continued, “but I think that going to Notre Dame is going to be really helpful to me.”

St. Timothy Parish, Norwood

Year established -- 1963

Pastor -- Father John Culloty

In residence -- Father George Emerson

Deacon -- Joe Messina

Religious Education Director -- Judy Miley

Youth Minister -- Frank Connell

Liturgy Director -- Colleen Campion

Music Director -- Bonnie Gleason