CatholicTV launches reality series about Catholic families

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- CatholicTV, a television ministry of the Boston Archdiocese, is venturing into the realm of reality programming.

In September, the network will launch its new series, "House+Home." Hosted by Father Robert Reed, director of CatholicTV, the show profiles Catholic families.

Each episode of the show features a different family and offers a glimpse into their everyday life. The families share with Father Reed their personal stories and their expressions of faith.

Although the series is slated to begin in September, CatholicTV aired the pilot episode of "House+Home" June 1. The episode featured the Massachusetts family of Michael and Laura Richard. The Richards have four children, including a set of triplets.

In a July 1 interview with Catholic News Service, Laura Richard said her family was asked to appear in the show by Father Reed, who periodically celebrates Mass at St. Bonaventure Parish in Manomet, Mass., where the Richards' oldest daughter is an altar server.

Richard said there was a "very long list of reasons" why her family agreed to be featured in the show's pilot. "We really loved the idea of the show, the idea that it showed Catholic families," she stated.

In the pilot, the family showed Father Reed their home and shared many of their faith-based experiences.

One story was about their oldest daughter who at a young age correctly predicted that her mother would give birth to triplets and that two of the babies would be boys and one a girl. The child said that she knew about the coming of her brothers and sister because God had told her; during nightly family prayer she had prayed aloud asking God to send her siblings.

The Richards also shared their experiences as home-schooling parents and independent business owners.

Richard said her family was very pleased with how the episode turned out. "We thought they did an excellent job," she stated.

Richard believes "House+Home" will serve as an inspiration to other families.

"I think the show is very supportive for families who choose to live a strongly Catholic lifestyle," she said. "It's nice for those families to see that there are other families out there who live like they do."

She said she also hopes the show will encourage those who feel like some element is lacking in their family relationship to "come together with a stronger faith."

Richard told CNS that her family was glad to have taken part in the series pilot. "We don't have any regrets," she said. "We think the show is going to have a definite positive effect and we think it will really be received well."

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Editor's Note: The pilot episode of "House+Home" can be viewed online at, by clicking on the "Shows" link.