Living the Faith: Charles Corley

STOW -- As the warm summer nights turn into crisp autumn days, most parishes begin their religious education classes once again. For Charlie Corley, that means a new opportunity to deepen his understanding of the Church he loves so much.

A parishioner at St. Isidore Parish in Stow, Corley and his wife of 37 years, Rosemary, participate in the parish’s Generations of Faith religious education program.

“I find that it is very rewarding,” he explained. “It makes me think about my faith in a whole new way.”

According to Corley, the parish runs an adult component in the Generations of Faith program which is taught by the parish’s two deacons: Deacons Charles Cornell and Robert Brady.

Corley added that his only wish is that more adults who do not have young children in the program would become involved in Generations of Faith.

“As adults we still have things to learn about our faith,” Corley said. “I think that it is a great learning experience. It is very eye-opening.”

Not only does the couple attend the classes offered by Generations of Faith, Rosemary Corley is also the preschool coordinator for the program, and Charlie helps out by setting up before each event.

In addition to their involvement in the Generations of Faith program, Rosemary is a facilitator for the VIRTUS program at St. Isidore. Charlie is the vice-chair of the parish pastoral council. He is also an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion.

“St. Isidore’s is a wonderful community whose spirituality really fills our need to get close to God,” Corley said, adding that they have been parishioners there for only seven years, but yet they have found “their spiritual home” at St. Isidore’s.

Speaking from his Hudson home, Corley praised his pastor, Father David Doucet, for his ability to build a caring parish community.

“He is a very good pastor, an excellent pastor really,” he said, noting that the entire parish community is very welcoming, particularly of families with young children.

“I think all of Stow is very mindful of its children,” the retired Winchester public schoolteacher said. A father of two grown children, he noted that “Stow is a great community for raising children.”

A cradle Catholic, Corley grew up attending Mass at Mission Church in Boston. He credits his parents, who always relied on their faith to help them is difficult times, for transmitting their faith to him.

“For me, faith means strength,” he declared. “Strength that I can get through problems that face me and my family. Strength to know that God and the Blessed Mother can get us through whatever the problem, whatever the situation.”

“I know God’s there, always there,” he said.

St. Isidore Parish, Stow

Year established -- 1961

Pastor -- Father David Doucet

Deacons -- Charles Cornell, Robert Brady

Religious Education Director -- Nancy Dome

Organist -- Dick Quinn

Parish Secretary -- Robin Ulichney