Quincy Catholic schools merge to form new academy

QUINCY -- The pastors of Sacred Heart, St. Ann and St. Mary Parishes have announced that their three parish schools are joining together to establish Quincy Catholic Academy.

The decision is the result of four years of meeting, analyzing and planning. Quincy Catholic Academy will open at the present Sacred Heart location in September 2010.

In making the announcement, pastors Father David P. Callahan, Father John W. O’Brien and Father John J. Ronaghan issued the following joint statement, “We have decided to form Quincy Catholic Academy by merging Sacred Heart, St. Ann and St. Mary Elementary Schools. Quincy Catholic Academy will bring together the best of the three current elementary schools to serve children from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade.” In a letter to parents and guardians announcing the decision, they noted that one of the driving factors has been the need to improve and capitalize on their combined existing resources.

South Region Bishop John A. Dooher, Auxiliary Bishop of Boston said, “Catholic education is a priority for the cardinal and the Archdiocese of Boston. In announcing the establishment of Quincy Catholic Academy we are firmly stating our commitment to the families of Quincy who share our desire for Catholic education. Generations of families will benefit from an outstanding and enriching Catholic school environment. We ask God to continue to bless the Catholic communities of Sacred Heart, St. Ann and St. Mary and all the parishes of Quincy and in his goodness shine brightly on our students, teachers and staffs.”

Mary Grassa O’Neill, Secretary for Education and Superintendent for Catholic Schools, said, “Working with pastors and educators across the archdiocese we are addressing the challenges of the tough economic climate, changing demographics, declining enrollment and resulting financial constraints. We are pleased to support the visionary effort underway in Quincy that will build a strong, long-term Catholic educational community.”

In a letter to parents and guardians, the pastors said that, “We share a strong belief that part of what makes our faith community so exceptional is a shared commitment to Catholic education.” They also wrote that, “throughout its history, Catholic schools have educated thousands of students who have gone on to higher education, successful careers, raised families and been active members of the Catholic community.”

Working with the Catholic Schools Office, they committed to “provide a positive experience and smooth transition for our students, families, teachers, and staff. With your support and prayers, we will continue to serve your children and future generations.”