Catholic Charities appoints Haiti response coordinator

BOSTON -- Tiziana C. Dearing, President of Catholic Charities for the Archdiocese of Boston, announced the appointment of Riche Zamor as Haiti Earthquake Response Coordinator for the agency Feb. 9.

Zamor is the president of Fondwa University in Haiti, which was destroyed in last month’s earthquake, and is the former director of the Haitian Multi Service Center at Catholic Charities. He has agreed to the part time position for an initial period of six months.

Zamor has been volunteering on response efforts since mid-January, and will begin his formal role immediately. The coordinator will operate out of the Catholic Charities Haitian Multi-Service Center on Columbia Road in Dorchester.

“We at Catholic Charities feel strongly that to better serve the needs here in Boston resulting from the quake, we need someone who not only knows and works within Greater Boston’s Haitian community, but also is connected to the efforts on the ground in Haiti. Riche is the obvious choice,” Dearing said.

“Riche (Zamor) will coordinate resources across Catholic Charities in response to local needs, as well as working with local Haitian community organizations, the Commonwealth and cities involved in what will and must be an integrated, coordinated response,” she added.