Living the Faith: Megan and Caitlin Fox

JAMAICA PLAIN -- Throughout their upbringing, sisters Megan and Caitlin Fox always knew their Catholic faith was an important facet of their lives.

“We’ve always gone to church. Neither of us have ever or would ever leave the Church,” said Caitlin.

Caitin, 41, and Meghan, 39, are the oldest two of six children from a close-knit Needham family. Faith, they said, was central to their upbringing.

As students of the Montrose School, an all-girl Catholic preparatory school, their faith was further nourished by their educators, their peers, and especially by Father Richard Reiman, the school chaplain.

So, as adults setting out in their careers, it is no wonder that their religion continues to be a huge part of their lives.

“I think that the combination of family and school built a very strong base for us,” said Megan. “Our faith is something that we find comfort in, and strength in.”

“It’s also very nice to be a part of our parish,” she added.

For the past eight years -- since they bought a house together in Jamaica Plain -- the sisters have been parishioners at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish. Megan, a librarian, described the feel of her parish as “eclectic urban.”

This is not the first time that members of their family have been involved at St. Thomas Aquinas. Many years ago, as young children, their grandmother and great-aunt called St. Thomas their spiritual home, as well.

Both sisters are very involved in the parish -- Megan, 39, is a lector and an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion; Caitlin, 41, is also an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. They are also members of the parish’s new Young Adult Catholic Group, a group that meets regularly for “faith-sharing, socializing and service,” according to Megan.

Both Megan and Caitlin have also participated in the ARISE program -- hosting some of the meetings in their house.

“I think it’s fabulous how (ARISE) makes you think about your faith,” Megan said, “and it challenges you to live that faith in the 21st century.”

Caitlin, a business analyst, praised her pastor, Father Michael Harkins, for his support of the Young Adult Catholic Group at the parish. She also noted that he has been instrumental in beginning a Spanish-language liturgy in the parish, even going so far as to making sure there are bilingual missalettes so that no one feels excluded from St. Thomas Aquinas.

Megan also noted that Father Harkins “is trying to make a real effort for people to be conscious of what they are doing when they are at the Mass.”

“He tries to make us see that our faith is something that helps us more deliberately and to consciously see why we live in a certain way,” she added.

“For me, my faith is a way of bringing comfort and strength, hope and inspiration,” Megan said.

“And it also reinforces the importance of community,” added Caitlin.

St. Thomas Aquinas, Jamaica Plain

Year Established -- 1869

Pastor -- Father Michael Harkins

Religious Education Director -- Nancy Thompson

Business Manager -- Minerva Vazquez

Music Director -- David Cronin