Pilot editor's statement on June 4 column by Michael Pakaluk

Regarding Michael Pakaluk's June 4 column, The Pilot issued the following statement June 9:

Regular Pilot columnists write freely on topics of their choice and they are responsible for the content.

This particular column was written as a personal opinion of Mr. Michael Pakaluk who is expressing his views following his own experience of being a father of a first grader at a Catholic School. The tone of the piece was strong and we apologize if anyone felt offended by it.

Pilot readers are accustomed to reading differing views on many complex social issues. Our Catholic laity is well educated and can make up their minds on whether they agree or disagree with a particular opinion.

Mr. Pakaluk's column, as is the case with other opinion pieces, does not necessarily represent a specific position or endorsement of The Pilot or the Archdiocese. We see ourselves as a vehicle to promote conversation and better understanding of the different positions on issues of interest to Catholics within the bounds of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Antonio M. Enrique, Editor