MCFL endorses Cahill for governor

BRAINTREE -- In endorsing a candidate in the state gubernatorial race, Massachusetts Citizens for Life (MCFL)'s political action committee threw their support to a candidate who said Roe v. Wade is "settled law" but sides with pro-lifers on key political issues.

The MCFL's political action committee has endorsed Independent candidate and state treasurer Tim Cahill in this year's gubernatorial election.

"He told us he wanted to create a culture of life across Massachusetts," said Madeline McComish, who chairs the MCFL political action committee.

Cahill and his running mate, former Republican state Rep. Paul Loscocco met jointly with officials from MCFL.

Cahill told The Pilot July 28 that he was "proud" of the endorsement.

"I'm excited about what it might do for my campaign and what it says about my priorities and what I'll work for when I get to the corner office."

When asked about his abortion stance, Cahill said he does not prefer to place himself in either the pro-life or pro-abortion rights camp.

Regarding Roe v. Wade, Cahill said, "I feel it's established law, but I will do everything I can to promote a culture of life."

"I think I lean towards the pro-life position on many issues," he added.

MCFL provided Cahill and his two opponents with questionnaires asking them to describe their stances on issues important to pro-lifers.

According to Cahill's questionnaire, posted on the MCFL website, the candidate expressed his opposition to partial-birth abortion, cloning, sex-selection abortion, abortion coercion, and physician-assisted suicide.

Cahill said in the questionnaire that he favors legislation that would make an unborn child a second victim in a crime against a pregnant woman, a Woman's Right to Know Act that would offer a woman facts about abortion and childbirth as well as provide a reflection period, and the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act which would provide for fetal anesthesia options for the unborn.

However, he does not see Roe v. Wade being reversed.

"I'm not seeking a judgeship, so I don't see that law changing or me changing it," Cahill said. At the same time, there are laws that may come before me or legislation that may come before me as governor that I would be open to signing."

MCFL provided all three candidates with questionnaires to make their endorsement. Of the three candidates, Cahill was the only one to return the questionnaire, according to McComish.