Stewardship at work at St. Margaret Parish, Dorchester

"My focus as pastor is to be the bridge to help people find their faith and to translate the Gospel into everyday life," says Father Nicholas Ciccone, pastor of St. Margaret Parish in Dorchester. "My mission as pastor is to ensure that people come to church. If they feel ownership and pride in their parish, then every other problem is a solvable problem," observes Father Ciccone.

"Once people come to church, we need to give them ownership of their parish and invite them to use their gifts -- whether as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, bereavement counselors, altar servers, directors of religious education or in performing outreach to the business community," continues Father Ciccone, who came to St. Margaret's as pastor in 1997 following assignments at St. Patrick in Natick, St. Agatha in Milton and Sacred Hearts Parish in Bradford.