From Cardinal Seán's blog

Last Wednesday (3/30) we had the meeting of our Archdiocesan Pastoral Council.

Just as I have a group of priests on the Presbyteral Council who gather with me on a regular basis to discuss the challenges, plans and aspirations of the diocese, there is also a group of lay people and some religious who meet with me on the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council. It would be tantamount to a parish pastoral council, but at the level of the archdiocese.

At this month's meeting, which we held at our Pastoral Center, we broached a number of important topics, including pastoral planning and the Catholics Come Home initiative. We have people representing the different regions of the archdiocese. It's a very helpful group. I am very grateful to Sister Marian Batho who coordinates the APC.

Meeting with Superiors of Men Religious

Just as I mentioned my meeting with the Major Superiors of Women Religious a couple weeks ago, each year I meet with Major Superiors of Men Religious that are represented in the archdiocese. Some of those communities are running schools, others are staffing parishes and others are working in various agencies. This year's meeting occurred last Thursday (3/31).

Sister Marian, as our Delegate for Religious also facilitates these meetings. It's a chance for us to hear from them, and to share with them plans, what is happening in the diocese and how we might collaborate in various initiatives with the religious communities.

During our meeting, Father David Couturier gave a talk on our ongoing pastoral planning in the archdiocese. It's an important time for us to get together.

Visit to Museum of Fine Arts

The McGrath Family, who have been so generous in supporting the many activities of the Catholic Church and many worthwhile programs in the local community, invited me to an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Monday on blown glass. The artist is Dale Chihuly, who has his studio in Seattle and learned some of his techniques in Murano near Venice, Italy.

I was really quite impressed by the beauty of the forms and the colors he achieved in those pieces beginning with a huge green column they put in the atrium of the new wing. The forms and colors make you feel as if you are walking through Walt Disney's film, Fantasia. He has these sort-of chandelier forms that are not lights. It's just all glass, but the colors and the lines are so beautiful. It really was a very unusual exhibit for me to attend. My taste in art is very traditional, and these modern type of things don't usually appeal to me. But I thought this was just splendid. I am so happy to have been invited to be there to experience it. ... In Boston, our community is very proud of this museum. It's one of the finest museums in the country. This beautiful exhibit just shows the availability of these great cultural events for our local community.

We're grateful to the Highland Street Foundation for their support of these types of activities that bring joy and enrichment to our community.