Our Sunday Visitor acquires regional firm Zartarian publishing

HUNTINGTON, Ind. -- Two companies dedicated to serving the Catholic Church are coming together to offer solutions for parishes.

Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. has acquired the assets of Zartarian Publishing, Inc. in a move to provide products and services to a greater number of parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston and throughout the northeastern United States.

Our Sunday Visitor offers a full array of materials and services for Catholic parishes and dioceses. The company is the nation's leading provider of offering envelopes, serving well over half of the Catholic parishes in the United States.

Zartarian Publishing has been one of the largest providers of offertory envelopes to parishes in the northeast, particularly in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Our Sunday Visitor Offertory Solutions will provide all of the services previously offered by Zartarian Publishing.

"The Zartarian business was built with a reputation for service and quality and we believe that Our Sunday Visitor's product and service offering can provide solutions that these parishes will value. We are actively changing our marketing approach to coordinate electronic giving, web site solutions, an increased offertory program, and print and mail communication services with our industry leading offering envelope service," said Kyle Hamilton, president of Our Sunday Visitor Offertory Solutions.

The company founder, Richard Zartarian, passed away almost four years ago.

"Since that time, Lynda Zartarian and I have worked to maintain the high standards that our parish customers have come to expect," said Chris Keiley, former vice president of Zartarian Publishing. "After considering our options, we concluded that the best way to provide a consistent level of service and commitment to our parish customers long-term was to join another organization dedicated to helping parishes. Our Sunday Visitor, celebrating 100 years of service to Catholic Church, was the clear choice to continue the Zartarian legacy."

Scot Landry, secretary for Catholic Media in the Archdiocese of Boston, explained what the acquisition means on a local level.

"This agreement between Our Sunday Visitor and Zartarian is a great one for parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston and beyond. OSV is one of the most important organizations providing service to the Catholic Church in the United States." Landry said.

"We have worked extensively with them to advance both our print and electronic services for parishes, always with a focus on deepening parishioner engagement. They are a tremendous partner with excellent products, services and vision. For decades, Zartarian has also been known throughout our area for their dedication to assisting parishes with their weekly collections. On behalf of all those that have benefited from their efforts, I thank them for their commitment over the years and also for choosing a partner that will continue the legacy that Zartarian established and will maintain their high levels of service. We look forward to the good that will result from this beneficial combination. It is a wonderful way to mark OSV's 100th anniversary here in the Archdiocese of Boston," he said.