Redesigned edition of the Pilot Catholic Directory is 42 percent more efficient

BRAINTREE -- The 2013 edition of the Pilot Catholic Directory, arriving to parishes in the archdiocese this week, has been redesigned in response to a recent survey of priests, religious and lay staff of the parishes and central ministries of the Archdiocese of Boston.

The survey indicated that printed directories of archdiocesan information are still valuable even in the era of the internet. Antonio Enrique, editor of The Pilot which prints the Directory, said that even directory readers who are used to looking for information on line, still find the directory the easiest way of finding information about the archdiocese.

"They like having a reference manual with all the contact information for archdiocesan organizations on their desks and, even the technologically savvy among us, still can find a phone number or email address more quickly through the Directory than through an internet search."

The survey feedback also indicated that those receiving the Directory would like it to be laid out as efficiently as possible to conserve environmental resources. "Back in the spring we put together a group that studied diocesan directories from across the country for new ideas for the layout of particular sections," remarked Scot Landry, Archdiocesan Secretary for Catholic Media. "The net result is a directory of 340 pages this year, versus 580 pages last year, a savings of 42 percent in terms of paper."

Enrique explained that they set the goal to get the directory to parishes and church staff by mid-January. "Over the last several years, there was always important information that was delayed in being sent to us, so the publishing date had to be pushed back," he said.

"We are grateful to all the parishes, schools, diocesan offices, religious orders and so many other Catholic organizations that quickly sent in information this year allowing us to send the Directory to the printer before Christmas. It is a great win for all of us to have it already distributed in early January," he added.

Landry recommends that Catholic families pick up a copy of the Directory at least every few years. "I am amazed when I give a Directory to a new staff member to hear back from them how awed they are at how many ministries and Catholic organizations there are in the Archdiocese of Boston," he commented.

"Seeing all the information in one place can lead many people to grow in the appreciation of how much our predecessors did to build a strong church for us and how important it is for Catholics today to continue and build upon the many wonderful ministries we have," he said.

The directory includes contact information for all offices and ministries of the archdiocese, including parishes and schools, as well as an almanac section with contact information for priests, deacons, religious brothers and women religious serving in the archdiocese. It also includes miscellaneous information on issues such as how to request a papal blessing or tickets to a papal audience in Rome and the best ways to address letters to Church officials.

The cover image of the 2013 edition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Boston Archdiocesan Choir School, located at St. Paul Parish in Harvard Square. The school forms and educates boys in grades four through eight in the musical tradition of the Church, uniting a rigorous musical and academic curriculum with a strong grounding in Catholic faith and morality. It is the only Catholic choir school for boys in the United States.

Copies of the Directory are available for purchase at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center in Braintree, through calling Stephanie Rodricks at 617-779-3792. Parishes also have directories available for parishioners.