Archbishop’s letter for Easter

The Easter candle is carried into the darkened church on Holy Saturday with the announcement, “Christ Our Light.” Slowly all the candles held by the faithful are lit from the light of the Paschal candle. The light of Christ illumines the darkness as a reminder of His victory over sin and death. All are welcomed into His presence as we again proclaim as the Body of Christ, “Alleluia!” I extend my heartfelt welcome to the newly baptized and those received into the Catholic Church this Easter. You are a sign to the world of how Christ’s light of grace has drawn you into the Church. The Archdiocese of Boston rejoices with you and your families at this solemn moment in your journey of discipleship.

Forty days ago we began our Lenten journey to Easter. Jesus embraced the cross for our freedom and salvation. The journey to Calvary was paved with pain, humiliation, falls and faces of love. The suffering and death of Christ was not in vain. The Passion of Jesus Christ reconciled the past, present and future generations to freedom and eternal love.

The shadow of the cross will fall upon all our lives at some point. The cross will be presented differently for each of us. For some it may be that of an illness, unemployment, or separation from loved ones. Suffering is never something we seek on our own. Easter illuminates our suffering with the knowledge that all is redemptive and has meaning in light of Christ. The Resurrection of Christ enables us to be people of hope and joy in the midst of trials.

I am forever grateful for your prayers. Please be assured that as I lift the paten at the offertory of the Easter Eucharist each of you will be lifted up in prayer to God. Asking the Risen Christ to bless you and your loved ones this Easter, I am,

Devotedly yours in Christ,

Archbishop Seán P. O’Malley, OFM Cap.