The life-changing work of the Catholic Appeal

All of us want to change the world; often that change begins in our own backyards. Last Sunday, Jesus asked us to take a stand for something greater than ourselves. I believe supporting the life-changing work of the Catholic Appeal helps us to do just that.

If you are looking for stories about good news in our Church, I encourage you to watch a new video about the work of the Catholic Appeal at This video features real people -- and real stories -- about the great work of our Church, and I am inspired by these women and men who have given of themselves to help those in need in our parishes, schools, and communities. The work of these leaders changes lives. And the future success of many of these essential social justice and faith formation ministries depends on us as the Appeal is the largest source of funding for them.

We can have an immediate impact on the work of people like Gerry, who brings Communion and compassion to others every day through the Faith Community Nursing Program. We can help to plant the seeds of faith for generations to come in our support of youth ministers like Kevin, who leads young people closer to Christ at a pivotal time in their faith journeys. Many of these young people go on to be leaders in the Church. In fact, 22 vocations to the priesthood have emerged from Life Teen over the last 10 years.

The role of the laity continues to grow in these ministries. Members of the permanent diaconate program, such as Deacon Pedro, are a positive force for good in their communities. As one of his confirmation students put it, "Deacon Pedro has inspired me to be a real Catholic." Pastoral associates plan and coordinate evangelization and faith formation programs at our parishes. These associates are often on the front line of ministry for our friends in the midst of the loss of a loved one.

Our gifts to the Appeal also support men and women like Philip, who once wrestled with alcohol abuse. Philip credits his 18-year story of success to the help he received through the Addiction Recovery Pastoral Support Ministry of the Church. Philp now helps others struggling with alcohol or opioid abuse.

Our support of Catholic education offers professional development programs for principals and teachers that translate to stronger faculties and greater engagement and success for nearly 37,000 students in our Catholic schools.

This is our Church and I hope you will consider joining me in this important work by supporting the Catholic Appeal. Every one of us benefits from these critical ministries in some capacity, and every gift makes a difference.